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Glen Husted Memorial Park

The land that the Park is located on was purchased in 1902 by Sylvenus Husted . After Sylvenus death 63 Ackers of the 180 was bought by his son Glen Husted. After Glenís death in 1993 the land was placed in a trust by his sons LeRoy, Carl and Russell Husted to be used as a family park. The park is the home to the Husted Family National Assoc. Reunion (Husted Hoedown) ,The Glen Husted Family Reunion, camping, fishing other events though out the summer for the purpose of brining the Husted families closer together in a world that families are drifting apart.

Husted Family Chat Room

Open Chat 8PM eastern Time every Munday

We are trying to build up the Husted family chat room up agene. The chat room will be open every Monday at 8 Pm Eastern Time and 7 Pm Central Time. You will still be able to set up chats

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